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Team Purpose

In collaboration with families, educators, and communities, the USBE Prevention and Student services team works to identify and decrease risk factors, increase protective factors, and provide students with equitable access to resources in a safe environment that will help them thrive.This collective effort aims to foster student well-being and success across all stages of life.


Prevention and Student Services staff support Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in implementing a student-focused, evidence-informed, data-driven approach for all prevention work, to promote the knowledge and skills necessary for success in life and meaningful engagement with their community.

Through a protective factors approach, Prevention and Student Services Programs provide resources and supports to reduce the risks of absenteeism, bullying, child abuse, gangs, human trafficking, school dropout, substance use, and suicide. In collaboration with community partners and other stakeholders, these supports are built on a foundation of family engagement, trauma-informed care, and restorative practices.

Introduction to the Protective Factor Framework

Protective Factors LogoThe Protective Factor Framework is a research-based and evidence-informed approach to prevention work that has demonstrated the ability to increase the well-being of both children and families by reducing the risk of unhealthy behaviors. When implemented, research has shown that the protective factor framework can increase the probability of positive outcomes even in the presence of risk and adversity. When used in education, it helps education staff to identify the five characteristics or attributes we need to focus on most for students to reduce or eliminate risk factors and actively enhance their well-being.

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Prevention and Student Services
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