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Construction/Facility Safety

The following are links to forms required for reporting prior to construction commencing and then through project closeout, overviews of the school construction process, code references outlining projects required to be reported to the Utah State Board of Education, and other forms to assist in the construction process. Please contact, if you encounter any problems accessing any of the documents below.

Building Codes: Adopted International Building Codes Construction Items Required to be Inspected, Thus Required to be Reported to the Utah State Board of Education

Building Codes: General Construction Items Exempt from Building Inspection, thus Exempt from being Required to be reported to the Utah State Board of Education

Pre-Construction Checklist

School Construction Inspection Reporting Overview

Charter Schools


Construction Process Forms


Use only for existing projects in which facility spaces are not being changed such as parking lots, mechanical or electrical upgrades, roofing projects etc.

Use only for projects revised from original SP-4 submittal. Right sizing school education facilities (Final plans data on proposed school facilities construction).

SP-5: Charter School | SP-5: Elementary School | SP-5 Junior High School | SP-5: High School

Active Construction and Project Closeout Checklist


SP-9: Final Inspection Certification

SP-10: Request for Certificate of Occupancy
Use to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy from the State Superintendent of Public Education.

SP-11: Utah State Board of Education School Building Certificate of Inspection Verification

Fire and Life Safety Plan Review Submittal Form
Submit form to the Utah State Fire Marshal's office along with construction documents, when requesting a plan review. This is not the plan review document, required to be submitted as outlined in the Pre-Construction Checklist.

School Safety Forms

R277-400 School Facility Emergency and Safety 
Utah Office of Administrative Rules

Elementary School Level Emergency Compliance and Safety Form (Safety Template)

Secondary School Level Emergency Compliance and Safety Form (Safety Template)

District Level Emergency Compliance and Assurance Form

Minimum School Program (MSP)

Necessarily Existent Small Schools Program (NESS)

Utah State Board of Education Necessarily Existent Small Schools Program Application Criteria Fiscal Year 2020 
Due: May 17, 2019

Pupil Transportation

Information coming soon.