Digital Studies

Digital Studies


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When was the Digital Studies requirement approved?

On April 15, 2016, the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) approved R277-700, as amended, on third and final reading. The following changes were incorporated:

1. Local Education Agencies (LEAs) must move the one-half (0.5) Computer Technology credit to the 8th grade in the 2017-2018.

2. The one-half (0.5) Computer Technology credit for high school will be replaced with one-half (0.5) Digital Studies credit, and additional courses will be allowed for this credit.

Is passing one of the approved courses the only way that a student can meet the Digital Studies requirement?


Board Rule R277-705 directs LEAs to “establish a policy, in an open meeting, explaining the process and standards for acceptance and reciprocity of credits earned by a student in accordance with state law.” Thus, LEAs may determine multiple ways for students to meet the Digital Studies requirement. LEAs should consider student competency models and/or other LEA approved options by which students can meet the competencies of the Digital Studies high school requirement.

What endorsement is required to teach Digital Studies?

Digital Studies is a secondary school graduation requirement; it is not a course in itself. Endorsement requirements are linked to the approved courses.

If a student has already taken Computer Technology does he/she need to take another course?


Through the 2017-2018 school year, Computer Technology may still be offered by an LEA and will fulfill the Digital Studies requirement.

If a student uses one of these six courses to complete his/her Digital Studies requirement, can he/she still use that class to help complete a CTE Career Pathway?


Will the six CTE courses that fulfill the Digital Studies requirement be included in the list of funded CTE courses for Skill Certification?


What is the difference between Digital Studies and Digital Literacy?

Digital Literacy is currently a 0.5 unit course requirement for students in the 8th grade. However, the Utah State Board of Education is allowing LEAs to apply for a one-year waiver to the Digital Literacy requirement. Waiver requests can be sent to the State Board of Education for approval.