ULEAD: Legislation


ULEAD in Legislation

Utah Leading through Effective, Actionable, and Dynamic (ULEAD) Education was created by legislative action during the 2018 General Sessions of the Utah State Legislature. The legislation was amended in 2022 resulting in the current format. In addition, ULEAD has been named in other legislation and works to support these additional areas. 

House Bill (H.B.) 408: Public Education Amendments 2018
House Bill (H.B.) 437: Education Research and Innovation Amendments 2022

Senate Bill (S.B.) 191: Regulatory Sandbox in Education 2022

House Bill (H.B.) 386: Education Innovation Program 2022
House Bill (H.B.) 167: Education Innovation Program Amendments 2024

Senate Bill (S.B.) 127: Early Literacy Outcomes Improvement 2022