General Financial Literacy (GFL)


Summer 2023

2023 $tart $mart Teacher Summit
Supporting General Financial Literacy
June 20
Syracuse High School, Syracuse, Utah

Course Information

Course Description

The General Financial Literacy (GFL) course encompasses standards that are essential to the development of basic financial and economic reasoning. Resource management and decision-making skills will be emphasized as students explore strategies on how to manage and protect the money they earn, keep, and spend. The goal of GFL is to help students to become financially responsible and conscientious members of society as they contribute to their own financial well-being. Students should feel empowered to achieve financial success. This course is for juniors and seniors, is required for graduation, and can be taken online, in a traditional setting, or for concurrent enrollment credit. 

Levels: Grades 11-12
Units of Credit: 0.50
Core Code:
Prerequisite: None

General Financial Literacy Strands and Standards

General Financial Literacy Comparison New Standards to Old Standards

Educator Endorsement

General Financial Literacy Endorsement (Adobe Sign)

The General Financial Literacy Endorsement attaches to a Secondary or CTE License. To be eligible for the endorsement, you must hold a current license. If you do not have a license, stop and complete the Associate Educator License (AEL) application process before moving forward with endorsement application.

Complete the endorsement application. All information is submitted electronically.

  • Do not leave any information categories blank.
  • Combine multiple files to the same upload field into a single PDF document.
  • Submit official digital transcripts directly from the college/university transcript service to Web Content). Transcripts should be e-mailed before you submit your endorsement application, and your application should indicate from which college/university.

Learning Communities

There are 12 distinct learning communities with the focus on providing resources, training events, community outreach, and other endeavors that are tied to financial and economic literacy. The areas of support are found within these regional areas. To find information on who to contact for your region or area of focus, please contact Breckon Heywood.

Regions/ Areas

Bear River Region

Central Region

Mountainland Region

Southeast Region

Southwest Region

Uintah Basin Region

Wasatch Front North Region

Wasatch Front South Region

Charter Schools

Special Education and Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind

Alternative and Adult Education

K-8 Statewide Content, Curriculum, Training, and Program Support



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General Financial Literacy Educators List
The purpose of this mailing list is to assist General Financial Literacy educators in communicating with each other and to share ideas that will improve teacher skills.

Online Connections

Finance in the Classroom (FITC)
The FITC program brings parents, teachers and community together to provide a strong financial education program for Utah students. FITC encourages skilled teaching in the classroom supported by additional activities at home and in the community. Student learning is promoted through fun, yet sound lessons resulting in student recognition through the Passport Program.

My 529
My529 is a nonprofit 529 plan established and sponsored by the State of Utah. Earnings are not subject to federal or state tax when used for qualified higher education expenses.

The Stock Market Game
Connect students to the global economy with virtual investing and real-world learning.

Utah Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy
Utah Jump$tart Coalition works to improve the personal financial literacy of kindergarten through college-age youth is essential to our communities and national economy.

Utah State Treasurer, Financial Literacy
Resource for educators, students, and parents to assist in financial and economic literacy.

Utah Teacher Access Request (Google Form)
By completing this form, educators can access local education agency (LEA) sponsored curriculum.

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Breckon Heywood
Specialist, General Financial Literacy
Phone:  (801) 538-7572 | E-mail