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In alignment to Board Rule R277-700-5, part of being digital literate is more than just exposure to technology. Digital literacy plays a vital role in defining a student’s ability to succeed both in school and throughout their lives. Students who are digital literate develop important life skills that lead to a deeper understanding of the digital world and curate content in a way that is useful and relatable.

Students who develop digital literacy skills improve the quality of their schoolwork by being able to access the World Wide Web for online resources include lecture videos, library databases, and teacher-student communication.

The Digital Literacy course that is taught in Grades 7 or 8, encompasses 21st-century skills related to the effective and appropriate use of technology.


September 2020

Digital Literacy Methods Workshop
September 18-26
Eventbrite Online Registration

  • Self-paced Canvas Course, September 18-25
  • Virtual Meeting, September 26

Digital Literacy Methods Workshop
September 25-October 3
Eventbrite Online Registration

  • Self-paced Canvas Course, September 25-October 2
  • Virtual Meeting, October 3

February 2021

Utah ACTE Conference (Cancelled)
February 5-6 
Mountain Ridge High School, Herriman, Utah

March 2021

Digital Literacy Methods Workshop
March 19-27
Eventbrite Online Registration

  • Self-paced Canvas Course, March 19-26
  • Virtual Meeting, March 27

June 2021

Digital Literacy Methods Workshop
June 6-14
Eventbrite Online Registration

  • Self-paced Canvas Course, June 6-13
  • Virtual Meeting, June 14

Digital Literacy Methods Workshop
June 10-17
Eventbrite Online Registration

  • Self-paced Canvas Course, June 10-16
  • Virtual Meeting, June 17

Course Information

Strands and Standards
This course is a foundation to the digital world that provides a broad understanding of key applications, computing fundamentals, and living online. This course is aligned with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) for Students, the K-12 Computer Science Standards, and industry standards for Digital Literacy Certification.

In the strands and standards, you will find performance skills. In an effort to increase the Digital Literacy course, the performance standards were added to the course in 2020 to ensure that all student acquire the same level of quality education throughout the state. The performance skills allow for all students to receive the same consistent rigor and equity. By including performance standards, we are preparing students for the Digital Studies high school requirement by familiarizing students to performance skills early. Performance skills are not designed to be the entire course, are not meant to be stand-alone standards, and are not meant to be used for validity. The performance skills are designed to ensure equity from educator to educator. Performance skills work in conjunction with the strands and standards for the entire Digital Literacy course.

Educator Endorsements

The endorsements listed below are available to assist teachers in becoming qualified to teach Digital Literacy. These endorsements can only be given to teachers with an Elementary and/or Secondary licenses.

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Breckon Heywood, Specialist
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Business and Marketing Basic

Business and Marketing L1 Info Management

Ashely Higgs, Specialist 
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College and Career Awareness/Digital Literacy

Joel Marquez, Specialist
Phone: (801) 538-7843 | Fax: (801) 538-7868 | E-mail

Intro to Computer Science

Programming and Software Development


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