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The prevention specialists at the Utah State Board of Education are now working together on all prevention related matters. Please send any prevention related requests to

Absenteeism and Dropout Prevention

Primary: Amy Steele-Smith
Secondary: Cuong Nguyen

At-Risk Weighted Pupil Unit (WPU)

Primary: Rita Brock
Secondary: Tanya Albornoz

Bullying Prevention

Primary: Amy Steele-Smith
Secondary: Rita Brock

Child Sex Abuse and Human Trafficking Prevention

Primary: Rita Brock
Secondary: Amy Steele-Smith

Do the Write Thing

Primary: Cuong Nguyen
Secondary: Tandalaya Stitt

Gang Prevention

Primary: Rita Brock
Secondary: Cuong Nguyen

Positive Behaviors Plan

Primary: Clarissa Stebbing
Secondary: Cathy Davis

Restorative Practices

Primary: Cuong Nguyen
Secondary: Amy Steele-Smith

School Counseling Programs

Primary: Michelle Glaittli
Primary: Bethany Marker

School Discipline and Behavioral Plans

Primary: Amy Steele-Smith
Secondary: Safe and Healthy Schools

Substance Use Prevention

Primary: Clarissa Stebbing
Secondary: Cathy Davis

Suicide Prevention

Primary: Cathy Davis
Secondary: Michelle Knight

Trauma-Informed Practices

Primary: Tiana McCall
Secondary: Clarissa Stebbing
Tertiary: Cathy Davis

Prevention Team


Amy Steele-Smith, Prevention Specialist

Cathy Davis, Prevention Specialist

Clarissa Stebbing, Prevention Specialist

Cuong Nguyen, Prevention Specialist

Rita Brock, Prevention Specialist

Tanya Albornoz, Coordinator

Tandalaya Stitt, Administrative Secretary


(801) 538-7771

(801) 538-7861

(801) 538-7821

(801) 538-7790

(801) 538-7761

(801) 538-7812

(801) 538-7631

School Counseling Team

Bethany Marker, School Counseling Specialist

Michelle Glaittli, School Counseling Specialist

Tina Morandy, Executive Secretary

(801) 538-7929

(801) 538-7799

(801) 538-7526

Safe and Healthy Schools Team

Michelle Knight, Educational Specialist

Tiana McCall, Social Worker

(801) 538-7962

(801) 538-7647