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Our mission is to serve the public by providing measurable information about Utah students' core knowledge, skills, and abilities; acquired through high quality valid and reliable assessments. We strive to:

  • positively impact student learning and the public's understanding through quality assessment
  • provide meaningful assessment that is essential to assess the extent of student progress toward proficiency
  • provide accurate, understandable reporting that is essential so that all stakeholders in Utah education have the data needed for making effective decisions concerning school policies, programs and curricula
  • provide knowledge about use of accountability measures, resources/tools to support best practices in the area of assessment and support broad understandings
  • utilize innovative technologies that support valid and cost-effective indicators of student proficiency
  • accomplish all tasks through positive collaborative partnerships with districts and state agencies

Strategic Assessment Plan

In 2020, the Utah State Board of Education, through a group of key education stakeholders, engaged in the work of creating an Assessment Strategic Plan for the purpose of reimagining and developing a framework for state assessment that is aligned with the Board’s Strategic Direction.

The Future of Utah’s State Assessment System: Recommendations from the Utah Assessment Strategic Plan Work Group

R277-404: Requirements for Assessments of Student Achievement
Utah Office of Administrative Rules

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Assessment and Accountability Policy Advisory Committee (AAPAC)

The Utah State Board of Education has recently established the Assessment and Accountability Policy Advisory Committee. This committee was formally known as the Policy Advisory Committee (PAC). The purpose of this committee is to review current assessment and accountability policies, business rules, pending test administrations decisions and detailed accountability rules and implementation decisions. The committee will also assist the Board's Assessment and Accountability section to represent and inform the education communities about the Board's policies, programs, rules, and procedures. We will also be consulting on the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) Federal Education Law and how it pertains to Utah's students. The meetings will be held quarterly beginning in September and usually last 2-3 hours.

If you would like to be considered for membership on this committee, please complete the following:

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