Student Data Privacy


Welcome to Utah's Student Data Privacy Team. Guided by Utah Code 53E-9-3 and Board Rule R-277-487, our team is dedicated to the protection of student data within Utah’s educational institutions. We work to ensure the confidentiality and security of student information, complying with state laws and regulations. Our efforts include working with Local Education Agencies (LEAs), providing training and compliance oversight, and supporting all stakeholders in the educational ecosystem. Our mission is to maintain a secure and responsible data environment for Utah's students.

Our Stakeholders

Our Key Roles

  • Support for Parents and Families: Offering guidance, answering queries, and providing resources to help understand and safeguard children's data usage and protection.
  • Collaboration with LEAs: Partnering with Local Education Agencies in Utah to support adherence to best data management practices to foster a secure and privacy-conscious educational environment.
  • Training & Empowering Education Professionals: Providing training and resources to teachers, data managers, information security officers, and records officers. Assistance includes developing a comprehensive Metadata Dictionary for effective data management and protection.
  • Compliance Oversight: Monitoring adherence to Utah Code 53E-9-3 and Board Rule R-277-487, ensuring K-12 public educational entities maintain high data privacy standards.
  • Conducting Investigations: Our team conducts thorough investigations into complaints and potential violations of student data privacy laws. This ensures compliance with Utah Code 53E-9-3 and Board Rule R-277-487, maintaining the integrity and security of student data within the state's educational system.

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