Parent Information

The School LAND Trust program is designed to be parent-focused and recognizes the need for parents to be involved in meaningful academic improvement. It’s important that parents in Utah schools understand the program and choose to participate on their school council. 

1. Where does the money come from? How does the land make money? How much money is there, and how is it invested? How much money is distributed through the program every year?

The School Trust

2. How do they decide how much money our school receives? 

Individual School Reports and Council Membership

3. How does the money get to schools?           

The School LAND Trust Program

4. What is a School Community Council (SCC) or a Charter Trust Land Council? What are the responsibilities of a council?

Introduction to School Community Councils (YouTube)

COMING SOON: Charter Trust Land Council Training

5. What are the responsibilities of our council? What assessment data should our council review? How should our council choose how to spend the money? What are the restrictions?

Appropriate Academic Areas and Expenditures

6. Where can I learn more about the Digital Citizenship and School Safety Plan requirements?

School Safety and Digital Citizenship

7. Where can I find more training? What if I am elected chair or vice chair?

Charter Trust Land Councils and Boards

School Community Councils (SCC)

School Community Councils Chair and Vice-Chair Training

8. Who do I contact for additional help? 

Contact the Utah State Board of Education School Land Trust

Encouraging Parent Engagement

Involving parents on the council continues to be a challenge in many schools across our state.  Please review the materials below, and let us know at if you have successfully encouraged parental engagement in your school and would like to share.

School Community Councils Parents Make the Difference

Come Join Us! | Ven Acompanaros

Why Participate? | ¿Cómo puedo participar?

Parent Involvement Ideas from Utah Schools

Elementary School Model to Increase Parent Involvement

High School Model to Increase Parent Involvement

Junior High/Middle School Model to Increase Parent Involvement