There is money to be spent at your school and YOU can decide how to spend it!

Each school has a School LAND Trust Plan that addresses the unique academic needs of its students.

The School LAND Trust program is designed to be parent-focused and recognizes the need for parents to be involved in meaningful academic improvement. 

Each council is made up of school employees and a two parent majority. Together, as a team, they decide how to best allocate state Land Trust Funds that are distributed each year. Other responsibilties include advising and making recommendations on school and district programs and student safety.

Please contact your school's principal if you are interested in serving on your school's council.

Kids Doing Science

The School Trust

Where does the money come from? How does the land make money? How much money is distributed through the program each year?

Learn the answers to these questions and more!





Council Meeting

School Community Council and Trust Land Council

What is a School Community Council or Trust Land Council? What are the responsibilities of our council?

Each school has a council with important responsibilities throughout the school year.



My School's LAND Trust Plan and Reports

What does my school spend the funds on? How has my school spent the funds in the past?

The Public Reports has current and archived plans, final reports, and council membership lists for each school.



Dad and Son

Parent Engagement

How can parents become involved? 

Parent engagement can be a challenge. The materials provided are suggestions on how to increase parent engagement.