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Program Overview

The School Learning and Nurturing Development (LAND) Trust program is funded by Utah Trust Lands and provides millions of dollars to public K-12 schools. These funds support academic achievement for students across the state. The School Children's Trust (SCT) section at the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) is responsible for administering the program, providing training, and monitoring compliance, and participates on the Land Trusts Protection and Advocacy Committee.

The Advocacy Committee provides policy oversight to the Land Trusts Protection and Advocacy Office that monitors the State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (TLA) as they manage lands granted in trust to benefit public schools, and oversees the investment of the permanent State School Fund by the Utah School and Institutional Trust Fund Office (SITFO).

The School Children’s Trust section also staffs the Trust Lands Advisory Committee (TLAC), an official advisory committee to the Utah State Board of Education tasked with advising the Board regarding School Community Councils, the School LAND Trust Program, and issues related to school trust lands and funds that may affect the program. TLAC is comprised of education stakeholders including local school board members, parents, principals, educators, superintendents and district staff members.

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How to Request a School LAND Trust Website Login

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School LAND Trust Reporting Website

Plans and other program requirements are entered into the School LAND Trust Reporting website. Principals and LEA Administrators may request a login using these instructions. The public may view current and historical funding plans and reports without a login by using the Public Reports link on the reporting website.

For information on how to become involved in determining how School LAND Trust funds are spent at your local school, please visit a school's website to view information about the School LAND Trust Program, School Community Councils, or Charter Trust Land Councils.

Contact the School Children's Trust Team

The School LAND Trust Program is implemented locally, which means the best contact for specific information about a district's or charter's participation in the program will be the local council, school or governing board, administrator, or LEA reviewer. Please visit their website for contact information.

The School Children's Trust team can answer general questions about program requirements and laws, and provide program training and resources. Please email us at, or call us at:

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Kira Bennett

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Training Specialist