Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission (UPPAC)

UPPAC is a committee of nine educators and two community members charged with maintaining and promoting a high standard of professional conduct and ethics among Utah teachers. It is advisory to the Utah State Board of Education in making recommendations regarding educator licensing and disciplinary action for educator misconduct.

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Reporting Misconduct/Arrests

Reporting Forms:

Notice to Educators and Local Education Agencies (LEAs)

R277-516: Professional Standards and Training for Non-licensed Employees and Volunteers
Utah Office of Administrative Rule

Directs licensed educators to report arrests for alleged sex offenses, alleged alcohol-related offenses, alleged drug-related offenses and alleged offenses against the person under Utah Code Section 76-5.  Educators must also report convictions, including please in abeyance and diversion agreements.

Reports must be made to the:

  • Educator's District Superintendent or Charter School Director within 48 hours of the arrest.
  • Superintendent/Charter School Director must notify the USBE within 48 hours of notification by educator.


2018 Meeting Schedule

January 11

February 9

March 23

April 19

May 11

June 12

August 7

September 14

October 12

November 8

Commission Members and Affiliations

Classroom Teachers:

  • Calbert Beck, Commission Chair, Murray City School District
  • Kathleen Carter, Alpine School District
  • Chet Hunsaker, Ogden City School District
  • Camille Johnson, Davis County School District
  • Cynthia Phillips, Weilenmann School of Discovery
  • Stacy Stoker, Juab School District

Community Members:

  • Dawn Davies
  • Corey Fairholm

Other Education Assignment:

  • Martin Bates, Granite School District
  • Jo Jolley, Canyons School District
  • Susanne Kuresa, Logan City School District