Utah Grants


The State of Utah is implementing a common Electronic Grants Management System (EGMS), known as Utah Grants. Utah State Board of Education is in the process of transitioning grant management activities to Utah Grants. 

Utah Grants will provide a common, centralized, end-to-end grants system. All flow-through funds will be managed and tracked in Utah Grants. Utah Grants will eventually replace the Utah Consolidated Application (UCA) and will eliminate the need for email or paper applications and reimbursement requests.  

Utah Grants will be the comprehensive solution for grant life-cycle management, including grant applications, budgeting, awards, revisions, reimbursement requests, progress reports and monitoring. 

Utah State Board of Education will go live with a limited number of programs in May 2018. Remaining grants will be transitioned into Utah Grants by September 2018.

Grants Management System

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Grant Reimbursement Schedule 2019-2020

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