Course Information

Course Information

The Engineering and Technology Career Cluster focuses on preparing students for employment in careers that relate to the planning, managing, and providing professional and technical services, including research and development services.

Engineering Pathway

Pathway Chart
The Engineering Pathway prepares students for careers in a variety of engineering disciples by developing skills in the design process and offering multiple opportunities to respond to engineering design challenges in a meaningful and disciplined manner.

Junior High/Middle School Strands and Standards

High School Strands and Standards

Supporting Courses

Suggested high school courses that support the Career Pathway.  Courses do not count towards Pathway completion.



Secondary Math 2

Explorer Courses

Choose one or more of the following courses.

Concentrator Courses

To be a concentrator, you must pass one of the following courses and one explorer course.

Completer Courses

To be a completer you must pass a concentrator course and enough courses to equal 3.0 credits in this Pathway.