Natalie Cline

Natalie ClineNatalie Cline


1st term, elected in 2020

Natalie Cline has been deeply involved in the fight for religious freedom, pro-life legislation, and family-friendly education policy for the past decade. She has lobbied and testified locally in favor of parental rights, student data privacy, and the protection of our children's innocence. Her work has taken her to the United Nations on several occasions. As a registered nurse, Natalie had the privilege being part of the Utah Hospital Task Force rescue mission to Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010. Natalie seeks to restore freedom in America by ensuring every student in Utah is educated in the principles of freedom. 

Natalie loves spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren reading, hiking, skiing, gardening, and serving together. Natalie's family is her greatest joy and proudest accomplishment.

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Natalie Cline

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