Utah Schools Information Management System (USIMS)

Welcome to USIMS


USIMS is an ecosystem for getting accurate data to facilitate the best decisions. It provides increased productivity and accuracy from a single source of truth for the Utah State Board of Education (USBE), educators, parents and students who need a system that provides access to timely, useful and safeguarded data.


  • Enable personalized learning,
  • encourage continuous improvement, and
  • ensure public trust.


USIMS provides a new, re-envisioned USBE architecture for collecting and managing information that meets the USBE 21st century data collection and reporting needs. The development of this new environment will increase productivity, reduce overhead for USBE staff, prevent costly errors, and eliminate wasted resources. Most importantly, it will provide educators and counselors accurate and timely information to improve student performance, allow administrators to effectively and efficiently manage educators and school resources, and provide policymakers quality information to evaluate student achievement success of implemented initiatives.



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