Timelines and Due Dates


School Community Councils (SCC) and Charter Trust Land Councils:

  • have many responsibilities, some with specific due dates. Some dates are set in Utah law, some are set by local school boards, and others are set by the council.
  • are encouraged to establish timelines to help with organization, set meeting agendas, and complete their work on time. Requirements and dates are different for Charter Schools.

School LAND Trust Program for Existing Charter Schools and New Charter Schools

Timeline for School Community Councils and the School LAND Trust Program

Required Dates

School Community Councils

Elections are to be held annually, near the beginning of the school year, or in the Spring to be completed before the last week of school. The local school board establishes a timeline for the election, and timing of elections should remain consistent for at least four years. School websites should provide information on how parents may apply to serve on the council and directly influence how the funds will be spent.

Council Membership Report should be entered on Utah.gov Account Management on or before October 20 each year.

October 20 is the deadline for updating the individual school’s website with the following information:

  • council member names and contact information,
  • a proposed meeting schedule for the year,
  • the Rules of Order and Procedure updated for the school year,
  • and a report to parents on how the School LAND Trust program funds were used in the prior year with the amount of money the school has received from the program.

Final Reports are due February 5.

The District sets the due date for Spring Reports. Charter School Spring Reports are due April 1. These include the:

  • School LAND Trust Plan for the upcoming school year
  • and the Signature Form, signed by council members indicating their involvement on the council.

The School LAND Trust Plan must be approved by the local school board and submitted to the Utah State Board of Education School Children’s Trust section for review on or before May 15.

School LAND Trust funds are distributed to schools with approved plans in the July allotment.