Timelines and Due Dates


The School Children’s Trust section has provided these recommended timelines to assist councils in completing their business during the year. Required due dates are in bold and italicized on the timelines.

Recommended Timeline for School Community Councils

Recommended Timeline for Charter Trust Land Councils

Recommended Timeline for Charter Boards serving as Trust Land Councils

Suggested Timeline for Charter Authorizers and Local Boards

Due Dates

October 1

Principals are required to submit council membership and contact information on the School LAND Trust program reporting website on or before October 1.

Members and contact information updated and proposed meeting schedule for the year posted on the school website.

Requirements for School Websites for School Community Councils and Charter Trust Land Councils

Note: State code currently requires that a parent’s contact information be available on the school website. To prevent scamming, you may want to require a Captcha-type verification to access the information. Your principal or fellow councilmembers will never request gift cards or money through e-mail.

January 15

Final reports are available on the School LAND Trust program reporting website. Your Local Education Agency (LEA) may set a due date for final report completion. Please note that upcoming school plans may not be submitted until the final report process is complete.

May 15

To receive funding before the school year begins, upcoming year plans must be completed, approved by the local board or charter authorizer, and submitted to the School Children’s Trust section at the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) through the reporting website no later than May 15. Your local LEA or charter authorizer will set a due date for school councils to have completed and approved the upcoming year plan and submitted it on the School LAND Trust reporting website.

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