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The Utah State Board of Education approved revisions August 1, 2019 to Administrative Rule R277-407: School Fees. Changes will be made effective January 1, 2020.


To preserve equal opportunity for all students and to limit diversion of money and school and staff resources from the basic school program, each Local Education Agencies (LEAs) fee policies shall be designed to limit student expenditures for school-sponsored activities, including expenditures for activities, uniforms, clubs, clinics, travel, and subject area and vocational leadership organizations, whether local, state, or national. (Reference: R277-407-6(11))


"Fee" means something of monetary value requested or required by a Local Education Agency (LEA) as a condition to a student's participation in an activity, class, or program provided, sponsored, or supported by a school. (Reference: R277-407-2(3)(a))


Local Education Agencies and each school will be required to complete a Certificate of Compliance annually. The deadline for submission is October 31.


House Bill (H.B.) 250: School Fee Revisions
Utah State Legislature

Index to the Permanent Injunction
1994 Third District Court Order

R277-407: School Fees
Utah Office of Administrative Rules

Certification of Compliance

Beginning with the School Year 2019-2020 the Certificate of Compliance form will be due October 31 each school year. August 1 of each year the Local Board Chair, District Superintendent, Charter School Director and each Principal will receive an email containing their individual URL to complete the Certificate of Compliance. 90 days will be given to complete the certificate. The District Superintendents and Charter School Director reports will also receive a request to upload the Local Education Agencies (LEAs) school fee documents and complete the statistical report using prior year data.

Local Board Chairs, Superintendents, Charter School Directors, and School Principals

An e-mail will be sent with an individual URL link to the web-based Certificate of Compliance.

General Instructions for Web-based Certificate
  • Use the link provided in the individual e-mail to access the Certificate of Compliance.
    • Clicking on an embedded link within the certificate will take you out of Qualtrics to the URL link specified.
    • Partially completed certificates will expire one month after the respondent's last activity.
  • If there is an interruption or an answer needs to be changed and the back option is not working, just begin again with the original e-mail URL.

School Year 2019-2020 Utah School Fees Certificate of Compliance
Sample Certificate of Compliance

Local Education Agencies (School District or Charter School)

The Superintendents and Charter School Directors web-based certificate will include questions to attach the following Local Education Agency documents and to complete the statistical report:

  • Student Fee Schedule
  • School Fee Policy
  • School Fee Waiver Policy
  • Spend Plan (Beginning School Year 2020-2021)
  • Notice of Fee Waiver Criteria provided by the Local Education Agency to Student's Parents
Statistical Reports
  • Total Number of Students (Enrollment as of October 1)
  • The following counts and dollar amounts from the previous school year ending June 30:
    • Total Number of Students Given Student Fee Waivers
    • Total Dollar Amount of Student Fees Waived
    • Total Number of Students that Worked in Lieu of Student Fee Waivers
    • Total Dollar Amount of Fees Credited in Lieu of Student Fee Waivers
    • Total Number of Fee Waivers Denied
    • Total Dollar Amount of Student Fees
    • Additional Details of Student Fees (Beginning School Year 2020-2021):
      • Total Dollar Amount of Fees from Curricular Activities Paid to Schools
      • Total Dollar Amount of Fees from Co-Curricular Activities Paid to Schools
      • Total Dollar Amount of Fees from Extra-Curricular Activities Paid to Schools


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