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The Utah State Legislature's House Bill (H.B.) 250: School Fee Revisions, was passed to insure that fees in the public school system do not create a barrier to full participation for any student, regardless of their financial circumstances. This includes creating standards and requirements for student fee policies, fee schedules, conditions for charging student fees, and ensuring fee waivers are available for students.


A school fee is defined as “…something of monetary value requested or required by a Local Education Agency (LEA) as a condition to a student’s participation in an activity, class, or program provided, sponsored, or supported by a school…”


LEA’s and each school will be required to complete a Certificate of Compliance annually. The deadline for submission is October 31.


Index to the Permanent Injunction
1994 Third District Court Order

R277-407: School Fees
Utah Office of Administrative Rules

Rule Revision

R277-407: School Fees
Utah State Board of Education Approved 02/08/2019
Effective Date: January 1, 2020

Certification of Compliance

2019 School Year


Complete and Sign:

Charter Schools

Complete and Sign:

2020 School Year

Coming Soon!

A new annual School Fees Certification of Compliance and reporting process. The new process will be a web-based certification and reporting. Soon the Utah State Board of Education School Fee’s team will send each local board chair, district superintendent, charter school director/principal and school principle an individual hyperlink to complete the certification and reports.

The school fee certification of compliance and the accompanying reporting of school fees and school fee waivers are to be completed by each local board chair and superintendent or charter school director/principal. The certification and reporting is consistent with a 1994 Third District Court Order Index to the Permanent Injunction. The deadline for reporting is October 31 of each year. Below is a list of information that will need to be compiled at the LEA level.

Local Educational Agency (LEA): School District or Charter School

Student Fee Schedule

School Fee Policy

School Fee Waiver Policy

Spend Plan (Starting School Year 2020-2021)

Notice of Fee Waiver Criteria Provided by the LEA to Student’s Parents

Statistical Reports

Total Number of Students (Enrollment as of October 1)

Total Number of Students Given Student Fee Waivers

Total Dollar Amount of Student Fees Waived

Total Number of Students that Worked in Lieu of Student Fee Waivers

Total Dollar Fees credited in Lieu of Student Fee Waivers

Total Number of Fee Waivers Denied

Total Dollar Amount of Student Fees

Additional Details of Student Fees (Starting School Year 2020-2021):

  • Total Dollar Amount of Fees from Curricular Activities Paid to Schools
  • Total Dollar Amount of Fee from Co-Curricular Activities Paid to Schools
  • Total Dollar Amount of Fee from Extra-Curricular Activities Paid to Schools
Local Board Chairs, Superintendents, School Principals/Directors

Information coming soon.

Model Policies

Information coming soon.

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