Gang Prevention and Intervention


The Utah State Legislature appropriates 4% of the appropriation for Enhancement for At-Risk Students Program to Gang Prevention and Intervention programs designed to help students at-risk for gang involvement stay in school.

Gang Prevention and Intervention Local Education Agency (LEA) Coordinators and Staff Directory 2019-2020

Title 53F-2-410: Enhancement for At-Risk Students Program
Utah State Legislature

Gang Prevention and Intervention Program means specifically designed projects and activities to help at-risk students stay in school and enhance their cultural and social competence, self-management skills, citizenship, preparation for life skills, academic achievement, literacy, and interpersonal relationship skills required for school completion and full participation in society.

R277-436: Gang Prevention and Intervention Programs in the Schools
Utah Office of Administrative Rules

Gang Prevention and Intervention Program (GPIP) 2021-2023 (3-year Grant Cycle) Grant Application

This application is divided into two parts: first, Needs Assessment, and second, Project Narrative and Budget. In order to serve our most at-need schools and communities, the first step for any potential recipient of funding will be to determine the data-supported need for additional funding. Then those LEAs that have demonstrated such a need will be invited to submit the second part of the application and will be considered for funding based on the strength of their individual proposal.

Part 1: Needs Assessment

Part 1: Needs Assessment Scoring Rubric

Date: February 18, 2020
Time: 3 p.m. -  4:30 p.m.

Gang Prevention and Intervention 2021 Grant Application Webinar

Part 2: Project Narrative and Budget (available by invitation only)