Internal Policies

Internal Policies


General Policy Provisions

00-01. Standards for Drafting Internal Policies and Procedures

01. Accounting

01-01. General Accounting Policy

01-02. Travel and Expense Reimbursement

01-03. Budget

01-04. Financial Close and Reporting

01-05. Accounts Payable

01-06. Fixed Assets

01-07. Cash Management

01-08. Grant Management

01-09. Subrecipient Monitoring

01-10. Participant Support Costs

0.2 Administrative

02-01. Advertising or Selling at the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) Office Building

02-02. Board Employee Newsletter (Utah State Board of Education News)

02-03. Formal Legal Proceedings

02-04. Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA)

02-05. Group Gatherings Food Policy

02-06. Agency Logo and Board Seal Usage

02-07. Mass Media

02-08. Meeting Rooms at the Utah State Board of Education

02-09. Mobile Phones and Tablets

Associated Forms

Personal Cell Phone or Tablet Allowance Agreement

State-Provided Cell Phone or Tablet Agreement

02-10. Political Activities and Public Speaking

02-11. Receptionist Coverage

02-12. Reporting or Using Data from Official Board Documents

02-13. Returned Mail

02-14. Security Guard Services

02-15. Social Media

02-16. Sponsorship, Co-sponsorship, or Endorsement

02.17. Policies and Procedures for Using Qualtrics

02.18. Use of Massively Integrated Data Analytics System (MIDAS) Database

03.Grants Management

03-01. Grant Approval and Management

Associated Forms

USBE Allowable Expenditure Program Guide Template

04. Human Resources

04-00. General Human Resources Policy

04-01. Abusive Conduct Prevention

04-02. Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Prevention

04-03. Background Checks

04-04. Code of Ethics and Conduct

04-05. Conflicts of Interest

Associated Forms

Conflict of Interest Clearance Form

04-06. Early Retirement Incentive

04-07. Employee Incentives and Administrative Leave

04-08. Exercise Release Time

Associated Forms

Exercise Release Program Agreement Form

04-09. Family and Pets at Work

04-10. Intellectual Property

04-11. Leave Bank (Leave Assistance)

Associated Forms

Request for Leave Bank Assistance

04-12. Leave Without Pay (LWOP)

04-13. Preventive Health Appointments

04-14. Work Schedule

Associated Forms

Alternative Work Schedule Agreement Form

04-15. Working Remotely

Associated Forms

Home Use of USBE Computer Equipment

Remote Work Agreement Form

Request for Exception to Work and/or Take Equipment Out of the Country

Request to Work Outside the State for More than 30 Days

04-16.Excess Leave Payout

04-17. Volunteer Time Off

04-18. Authorized Personal Use of Public Property

04-19. Sexual Harassment, Including Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence, Stalking, and Retaliation (Title IX)