Utah eTranscript and Record Exchange (UTREx)


The UTREx/Data Clearinghouse gathers and stores student data throughout the year for exchanging student records and for reporting at the local, state, and national levels. Many of the student data elements collected through the UTREx data submissions are used in funding formulas for Minimum Schools Program (MSP). The data collected on October 1 are used for the legislative budget estimates each year.

The Utah Office of Administrative Rules R277-484: Data Standards requires that a complete update of data as of October 1 through UTREx is done seven business days after October 1. In addition, a revised update is allowed to be completed October 15 if significant errors are identified by the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) or the Local Education Agency (LEA). These deadlines are meant to allow for a specific window of time to correct technical errors and check data quality before moving forward with a final data set for budgeting.

Please be aware that the policy does not allow extensions for UTREx updates beyond these timelines. This same policy is applied to the December 1 and year-end data submissions.

The following documents include information for submitting UTREx files that must be submitted for each school year beginning with the October 1 data submission.

Data Specifications and Validation Rules

UTREx Data Collector

UTREx Data Clearinghouse File Specification 2021-2022 

UTREx Quick Guide: High Level Cheat Sheet

UTREx User Account Rules

Student Interoperability Framework (SIF)

SIF Profile: Change Log and Specifications
If you need this information in accessible format, please contact the department directly.

UTREx Guidelines

UTREx Data Submission: October Guidelines

UTREx Data Submission: December Guidelines

UTREx Data Submission: Year-End Guidelines

UTREx Clearinghouse File Specification: Prior years' specifications available upon request.

Student Information System (SIS) Compatibility

Approval Process

R277-484-5: Official Data Source and Required Local Education Agency (LEA) Compatibility
Utah Office of Administrative Rules

  • LEAs may use any Utah State Board of Education (USBE) approved Student Information System (SIS) in accordance with R277-484-5.
  • SIS’s seeking approval for use in the State of Utah must follow the process outlined in R277-484-5.

Current Approved SIS:

  • Aspire
  • Compass
  • Davis
  • Discovery
  • Infinite Campus
  • OnePoint
  • PowerSchool
  • Sevier
  • Skyward
  • Weber

State Education Research File (SERF)

SERF is:

  • a collection of tables that mirrors the data that is stored at Utah State Board of Education (USBE) and is used to generate accountability reports as well as for other varied purposes.
  • generated at the end of each school year and on-demand through the USBE Data Gateway. The data contained in the SERF is specific to a single school year, however; since some prior year data is needed to generate accountability reports, prior years data for the students enrolled in the reporting year at the Local Education Agency (LEA) is also included.
  • provided as a Microsoft Access database file. In order to use it, you will need to have Microsoft Access 2007 or newer installed on your computer.


Warehouse is a resource that assists school districts in finding information about the data that is part of the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) Data Warehouse. Although Warehouse is the source of all data used in Utah Performance and Assessment for School Students (U-PASS) and No Child Left Behind (NCLB), this data can also be used for other education analysis and reporting.

Finance Questions

Patrick Lee
School Finance Director
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Kirin McInnis
Research Consultant
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Reporting Issues

Aaron Brough
Data and Statistics Coordinator
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Malia Mcilvenna
Research Consultant
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Technical Assistance

UTREx Help Desk
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