Program Quality Enhancement (PQE) Grant

During Utah's 2018 Legislative Session, the Legislature passed Senate Bill 202, which authorized Department of Workforce Services (DWS) and the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) to use up to $125,000 in General Funds to provide grants to promote high quality afterschool programs.

To be eligible to apply for grant funds, organizations must first certify the availability of match funds equal to the amount of grant funds requested.

Additionally, the bill required the Department of Workforce Services and the Utah State Board of Education to work together to set and track academic and enrichment components and quality standards.

Grant Information

Program Quality Enhancement (PQE) Grant Orientation 2018-2019

Program Quality Enhancement (PQE) Afterschool Grantees 2018-2019

Department of Workforce Services, Office of Child Care and Utah State Board of Education Program Quality Enhancement (PQE) Grant Reporting Requirements Due Dates 2018-2019


R277-718: Out-of-School Time Program Quality Improvement Grants
Utah Office of Administrative Rules

Senate Bill (S.B.) 202: After School Program Amendments
Utah State Legislature


School Fees and After School Programs


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