Federal Loan Forgiveness for Teachers

Summary of Federal Loan Forgiveness and Grant Programs

Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs for Teachers and Prospective Teachers

United States Office of Federal Student Aid

Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program

Teacher Cancellation Low Income (TCLI) Directory
To search the directory, complete the first two fields (Utah and the Year) but do not fill in either of the fields below the year. Search results list Individual schools alphabetically.

Process for Determining School Eligibility

A list of eligible schools is compiled once a year using low-income (economically disadvantaged) data collected during the Fall Enrollment/October 1 Count. Schools that meet the criteria listed below will automatically be added to the Teacher Cancellation Low Income (TCLI) Directory each year. Utah’s list of qualifying schools is updated by February of each year. However, if a school is erroneously omitted from the directory, the Utah State Board of Education will submit an amended list to the Office of Federal Student Aid for consideration.

Criteria for Inclusion in the TCLI Directory

  • The school must be a public or private nonprofit elementary or secondary school. Elementary school or secondary school means a public or private nonprofit school that provides elementary education or secondary education (grades K-12) as determined by Utah State law;
  • The number of children enrolled in a school who are counted under Section 1124(c) of the ESEA (federal definition of poverty) must exceed 30.01 percent of the total enrollment of that school (K-12 enrollment only); and
  • The school must be in a Local Educational Agency that is eligible to receive Title I funding.

United States Government Publishing Office (GPO)

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations (e-CFR)

Title 34 CFR §674.53: Teacher Cancellation - Federal Perkins, National Direct Student Loan (NDSL) and Defense Loans

Title 34 CFR §685.217: Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program

Title 34 CFR §685.219: Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

Title 34 CFR §686: Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program

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