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The purpose of state recommendation of instructional materials is to provide the schools of the state the very best available core-related materials and to eliminate instructional materials that violate Utah Administrative Code or Utah State Board Rules.

The Instructional Materials Adoption Process in Utah maintains local autonomy in the choice of instructional materials by providing a general list of recommended curriculum resources. This list is a service to Local Education Agencies (LEAs), who bear the ultimate responsibility for the selection of the content used in courses of study. The adoption process also establishes, by contracting with each publisher, a set price for instructional materials, as well as a guarantee of inalterable curriculum, throughout the adoption period.

Utah generally reviews Career and Technical Education (CTE) subjects in the Spring Review and core subjects in the Fall.


Recommended Instructional Materials System (RIMS) Searchable Database
Massively Integrated Data Analytics System (MIDAS)

History and Process of Instructional Materials
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Ensuring Timely Delivery of Accessible Formats for Your Students

Rating-Recommendation Criteria

HB374 Reporting Tool
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This reporting tool is to be completed by LEAs who have received a complaint regarding instructional materials according to the Utah State Legislature's House Bill (H.B.) 374: Sensitive Materials in Schools. Please complete only if this form after a decision has been made about the instructional material's retention or removal.

Open Educational Resources
Utah Education Network (UEN)

State Instructional Materials Review Association (SIMRA)

Utah Core Standards

Standards for Core Subjects at the Utah State Board of Education

Utah State Board of Education Elementary Language Arts Utah Core Standards
Includes Literacy in History, Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects

Career Pathways
Utah State Board of Education Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Utah Core Standards
Utah Education Network (UEN)

Local Education Agency (LEA) Resources

This section is designed to help LEAs create policy for curriculum review. Each section below has examples that have been listed for reference. Current legislation has been updated and requires the following (SB55 (lines 217-262)):

“(c) In selecting and approving instructional materials for use in the classroom, a local school board shall:
(i) establish an open process, involving educators and parents of students enrolled in the LEA, to review and recommend instructional materials for board approval; and
(ii) ensure that under the process described in Subsection (24)(c)(i), the board:
(a) before the meetings described in Subsection (24)(c)(ii)(B), posts the recommended learning material online to allow for public review or, for copyrighted material, makes the recommended learning material available at the LEA for public review;
(b) before adopting or approving the recommended instructional materials, holds at least two public meetings on the recommendation that provides an opportunity for educators whom the LEA employs and parents of students enrolled in the LEA to express views and opinions on the recommendation; and
(c) adopts or approves the recommended instructional materials in an open and regular board meeting.
(d) A local school board shall adopt a supplemental materials policy that provides flexible guidance to educators on the selection of supplemental materials or resources that an
educator reviews and selects for classroom use using the educator's professional judgment, including whether any process or permission is required before classroom use of the materials
or resources.
(e) If an LEA contracts with another party to provide online or digital materials, the LEA shall include in the contract a requirement that the provider give notice to the LEA any time that the provider makes a material change to the content of the online or digital materials, excluding regular informational updates on current events.
(f) Nothing in this Subsection (24) requires a local school board to review all learning materials used within the LEA.”

LEA Curriculum Policies

Canyons School District

Curriculum Materials
Curriculum Adoption Policy

Policy 600.02 – Instructional Materials
Curriculum Materials

Millard School District

Learning Materials 
Evaluation and Selection of Instructional Materials

Navigating Curriculum Topics During Instruction 
Evaluation and Selection of Other Instructional Materials

Granite School District

Textbook/Curriculum Materials Adoption
Google Drive

Curriculum Topics Guide
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Example Curriculum Rubrics

USBE Examples

Science of Reading Criteria Checklist for Educational Reading Software
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Science of Reading Evidence-Informed Core Criteria Checklist
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For more information about LEA Resources, contact Amber Wright via phone at 801-538-7754, or via email at


Civic and Character Education, Ethnic Studies, Individual Freedom

Code 53E-4-204.1
Utah State Legislature

Code 53G-10-204
Utah State Legislature

H.B. 427 Individual Freedom In Public Education
Utah State Legislature

Favored Nation Clause (Utah Contract)

"It is agreed between the parties to this contract that if at any time during the life of this contract any instructional materials herein included shall be contracted in any other state at a lower price by the publisher than is designated in this contract, the publisher shall notify the state, the lower price shall immediately become the contract price herein, and shall be substituted in the place and stead of the price designated in this contract, to be applied to all subsequent purchases."

R277-469: Instructional Materials Commission Operating Procedures
R277-700: The Elementary and Secondary School General Core
Utah State Board of Education Administrative Rules

House Bill (H.B.) 166: Reductions to Education Mandates
Title 53E-4-4: State Instructional Materials Commission
Utah State Legislature

Rubrics and Comprehensive Administration of Credentials for Teachers in Utah Schools (CACTUS)


Mathematics Instructional Materials Review Rubric

Science of Reading (SOR) Evidence-Informed Core Criteria Checklist


CACTUS Course Codes and Approval
Utah State Board of Education Teaching and Learning Resources

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