Development of Teacher Mentors

Development of Teacher Mentors


Katie Jones
Educator Development Specialist


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Statewide Mentoring Professional Learning Communities (PLC)

The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) is forming statewide professional learning communities to facilitate communication among beginning teachers and those with vested interest in mentoring. Members of these groups will receive regular communications, including newsletters, from the USBE to provide information and professional insights related to induction and mentoring practices.

There are three PLC groups available:

  1. School and District Mentoring Leaders
  2. Teacher Mentors
  3. Beginning Teachers

Join a PLC group today!


Utah Education Network (UEN).

  1. Create a my.uen account and login
  2. Go to eMedia and sign in (note: the link is located at the top right of the page)
  3. Access the Teacher Mentoring eHub
    1. Scroll down the page to Teacher Mentoring Groups
    2. Choose the group you wish to join and click on the appropriate group icon
    3. Click on Join this group

Teacher Mentor Professional Learning Modules (PLM)

These modules are designed to provide professional learning in topics related to mentoring and in support of aspiring or practicing teacher mentors. Each module is housed in Canvas and provides opportunity to learn and reflect upon critical aspects of mentoring. While the modules are designed for teacher mentors, any educator is welcome to enroll and engage in the modules.

Completion of the modules is one way to earn the Teacher Mentor Endorsement. More information about the endorsement can be found using the Endorsement Applications tab above.

To register for existing modules, please use the links provided below. Module development is ongoing and new modules will be made available from time to time. Please contact Kami Dupree using with any questions.

USBE Canvas

Enroll in For Building Principals and School/District Administrators

Enroll in Module 01: Understanding and Preparing for Your Role as Mentor

Enroll in Module 02: Understanding the Beginning Teacher

Enroll in Module 03: Getting the Mentoring Relationship Off to the Right Start

Enroll in Module 04: Facilitating Learning When Working With Adult Learners

Enroll in Module 05: Effective Mentoring Conversations

Enroll in Module 06: Using Coaching Cycles to Improve Instruction

Enroll in Module 07: Mastering Crucial Conversations

Enroll in Module 08: Essentials for Navigating the World of Special Education

Enroll in Module 09: Supporting High Quality Instruction - Goals and Outcomes

Enroll in Module 10: Supporting High Quality Instruction - Planning Instruction

Enroll in Module 11: Supporting High Quality Instruction - Instruction

Enroll in Module 12: To Be Announced (TBA)

Enroll in Module 13: TBA

Enroll in Module 14: TBA

Enroll in Module 15: Supporting Effective Classroom Management