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Utah's Dual Language Immersion program offers a rich bilingual experience for young learners when their minds are developmentally best able to acquire a second language.

Instruction is divided between two high quality creative classrooms:

  1. One English
  2. One in the Second Language (Chinese, French, German, Portuguese or Spanish)

Proven Benefits:

  • Second Language Skills: Students achieve high proficiency in the immersion language.
  • Improved Performance on Standardized Tests: Immersion students perform as well as or better than non-immersion students on standardized tests of English and math administered in English.
  • Enhanced Cognitive Skills: Immersion students typically develop greater cognitive flexibility, demonstrating increased attention control, better memory, and superior problem solving skills as well as an enhanced understanding of their primary language.
  • Increased Cultural Sensitivity: Immersion students are more aware of and show more positive attitudes towards other cultures and an appreciation of other people.
  • Long Term Benefits: Immersion students are better prepared for the global community and job markets where a second language is an asset.

Educator Endorsements

Application for the Utah State Board of Education Dual Language Immersion Endorsement
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2020-2021 Bridge Program for Advanced Language Learning

Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)

Immersion Education and Research
Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA), University of Minnesota

Research Brief: Student Performance Under Dual Language Immersion Scale-Up in Utah

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Dual Language Immersion Team

Karl Bowman
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Brenda McMurtrey
Executive Secretary
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