Test Elements

Test Elements

Testing Process

Each of the tests in the Skill Certificate Program include a strand and standard assessment consisting of up to 80 questions. In addition, students must pass a performance assessment that is administered by their teacher prior to taking the test. Without passing the performance assessment at the 80% level, students will not qualify for a certificate regardless of their score on the strands and standards portion of the assessment.


Strand Assessment

The strands and standards for each assessment form the basis of all questions included in each test. Each test item is linked to a single strand and standard, which is used for scoring, reporting and program improvement purposes. Particular strands may be weighted more highly through the use of additional questions tied to that strand.

Performance Assessment

The performance assessment is a required component of the Skill Certificate Program and is developed for each assessment. In order to receive a certificate, students must achieve an 80% on the written test and achieve a level of moderately to highly skilled on all performance skills included in the performance. Like the strand assessment, each element within the performance assessment is tied to a strand and standard from the course.

Performance on this portion of the assessment will be completed in class and evaluated by the teacher. These performance assessments may be completed and evaluated at any time during the course. Students may be encouraged to repeat the performance skills until they perform at the required moderately to highly skilled levels.

When a performance skill has been achieved at the minimum 80% level (moderately to highly skilled), it is documented by the teacher. All performance skills must be completed and evaluated prior to the test.


The state Career and Technical Education Testing Center administers the Skill Certificate Program. Tests for the Skill Certificate Program are designed to be taken at the end of a course.

Each district has test coordinators designated for each school. They assist teachers in how to administer the tests, maintain security, scoring and printing certificates. Teachers who administer the tests must read and agree to the terms of the Instructor Agreement located on the Precision Exams testing website.


Titles and Description

A "Highly Proficient" will be listed on reports for students who pass both the online assessment and the performance skills at or above 80%. A "Proficient" will be listed on reports for students who have scored between 65-79%.

Scoring and Reporting

All assessments are scored by the online assessment system. If the student score on the objective portion is at an 80% level and has passed the performance assessment at an 80% level, a certificate will be awarded to that student.

Once tests have been scored, the CTE online assessment system will generate the following:

  • Teacher Report
  • Student Certificates

The signed required performance documentation submitted to the state CTE Skill Certificate Program specialist by the school's CTE testing coordinator at the end of the school year.

Strands and Standards

Strands and standards have been developed for each course in the assessment system. Strands are broad statements by category of knowledge and skills that describe what students should be able to do. Standards are competencies included within a strand. Test questions on the assessment are written to measure the attainment of a standard within a strand.