Board Committees

Board Committees

Members are assigned to committees by the Board Chair in consultation with the Vice chair(s), with consideration of Members’ requests and potential conflicts of interest.

Standing Committee Assignments

Standing committees typically meet the first Friday of each month, following the monthly full board meeting the day prior. Individuals who want to comment on a specific agenda item(s) during a committee meeting should contact the secretary assigned to that committee. Public comment is at the discretion of the committee chair. 

Finance Committee

Kristan Norton, Chair
Cindy Davis, Vice Chair
Jim Moss
Christina Boggess
Brent Strate
Staff: Scott Jones, Deputy Superintendent of Operations
Secretary: Cammy Wilcox

Standards and Assessment Committee

Randy Boothe, Chair
Emily Green, Vice Chair
Jennie Earl
Sarah Reale
Natalie Cline
Staff: Patty Norman, Deputy Superintendent of Student Achievement
Secretary: Andrea Curtin

Law and Licensing Committee

Matt Hymas, Chair
Joseph Kerry, Vice Chair
Carol Lear
Molly Hart
LeAnn Wood
Staff: Angie Stallings, Deputy Superintendent of Policy
Secretary: Vanessa Barnes


Other Committee Assignments

Additional committees, taskforces, and advisory groups may require board member representation. Members may serve on additonal committees by invitation, as assigned by board leadership. Additional information can be found in the Board Bylaws, Article VIII, Sections 3 - 4.  

Audit Committee

The Board Audit Committee membership is proposed by board leadership in an executive session and voted upon by the full Board in an open meeting. The Board Audit Committee will generally meet monthly and is not subject to the Open and Public Meetings Act as it never represents a quorum of the Board. Powers and responsibilities of the committee are described in Board Policy 2006

Molly Hart, Chair
Sarah Reale, Vice Chair
Matt Hymas
Jennie Earl
Carol Lear