Administrative Rules


Repealed Education Rules


R277-402: School Readiness Initiative

R277-403: School Safety Pilot Program

R277-412: State Capitol Visit Program

R277-418: Distance, Blended, Online, or Competency Based Learning Program

R277-433: Disposal of Textbooks in the Public Schools

R277-463: Class Size Average and Pupil Teacher Ratio Reporting

R277-483: LEA Reporting and Accounting Requirements

R277-492: Math and Science Opportunities for Students (MOST) Program

R277-493: Kindergarten Supplemental Enrichment Program

R277-498: Grant for Math Teaching Training

R277-500: Educator Licensing Renewal, Timelines, and Required Fingerprint Background Checks

R277-502: Educator Licensing and Data Retention

R277-503: Licensing Routes

R277-504: Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, Special Education (K-12), and Preschool Special Education (Birth-Age 5) Licensure

R277-505: Education Leadership License Areas of Concentration and Programs

R277-506: School Psychologists, School Social Workrs, School Counselors, Communication Disorders (Audiologists), Speech Language Pathologists, and Speech Technitions Licenses and Programs

R277-507: Driver Education Endorsement

R277-508: Employment of Substitute Teachers

R277-509: Licensure of Student Teachers and Interns

R277-511: Academic Pathway to Teaching (APT) Level 1 License

R277-512: Online Licensure

R277-513: Teacher Leader

R277-514: Deaf Education in Public Schools

R277-515: Utah Educator Professional Standards

R277-516: Professional Standards for Non-Licensed Employees and Volunteers

R277-517: LEA Codes of Conduct

R277-518: Career and Technical Education Licenses

R277-519: Educator Professional Learning Procedures and USBE Credit

R277-520: Appropriate Licensing and Assignment of Teachers

R277-521: National Board Certification Reimbursement

R277-522: Entry Years Enhancement (EYE) for Quality Teaching - Level 1 Utah Teachers

R277-523: Teacher Salary Supplement Program

R277-524: Paraprofessional/Paraeducator Programs, Assignments, and Qualifications

R277-525: Special Educator Stipends

R277-526: Paraeducator to Teacher Scholarship Program

R277-527: International Guest Teachers

R277-528: Use of Public Education Job Enhancement Program (PEJEP) Funds

R277-530: Utah Effective Educator Standards

R277-532: Local Board Evaluation of Non-Licensed Public Education Employees (Classified Employees)

R277-611: Certified Volunteer Instructors and Material Approval Requirements and Process for Firearm Safety in Public Schools

R277-617: Smart School Technology Program

R277-619: Student Leadership Skills Development

R277-624: Electronic Cigarette Products in Schools

R277-703: Centennial scholarship for Early Graduation

R277-711: High Quality School Readiness Expansion

R277-713: Concurrent Enrollment of Students in College Courses

R277-735: Corrections Education Programs

R277-753: LEA Reporting Requirements for Section 504 Students

R277-930: English Language Learner Software