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CTE Pathways show students a direct connection
between doing well in high school and being able to
transition smoothly to postsecondary opportunities or
getting a good job when they graduate.
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The Mission of Career and Technical Education is to provide all students with a seamless education system, from public education to postsecondary education, driven by a College and Career Ready Plan, through competency-based instruction, culminating in essential life skills, certified occupational skills, and meaningful employment. CTE prepares students for careers that are most in demand and that are part of the economic development of the state.
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News Item - Register Now for Summer Conference
Online registration is now available. Register early for the best rate.
  Early Registration Fee - $50
    Received at USU Before May 16, 2014
  Late Registration Fee - $60
    Received at USU After May 16, 2014
  Onsite Registration Fee - $70

News Item - What Are Students Saying About CTE?
"The cabinetmaking classes I took in CTE taught me to be hardworking and to finish what I start. Through CTE I learned important life skills as well as integrity in the shop and classroom." View our latest publication and learn more...

News Item - Rigorous Programs of Study Grant
Utah is one of six states awarded a four-year grant by The U.S. Department of Education to develop a model Rigorous Programs of Study (RPOS) for Career and Technical Education programs.
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News Item - CTE Pathways
The High School to College and Career Pathways initiative helps match education and workplace needs. Through partnerships with post-secondary institutions, the school districts, business, and industry, Pathways identify and group courses within Career and Technical Education (CTE) areas of study that offer students depth of knowledge and skill, linked with specific post-secondary programs culminating in degrees or certificates. Learn more...

Fun Facts

Fun Fact - Information Technology
The term 'Computer Bug' was coined in the 1940's when an insect got into a relay in a primitive electromechanical computer, causing computer malfunctions.

Fun Fact - Keyboarding
With the widespread use of computers in schools and homes, keyboarding instruction has moved to the elementary grades. Younger children are becoming fluent computer users. It is important for them to learn proper keyboarding techniques early so they do not develop bad habits that are very hard to break.


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Under federal regulations, all Career and Technical Education programs and services are open all students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex or disabilities. If any student feels as he or she has been subject to discrimination under any of these categories, he or she is to contact the school principal’s office or local school district office to file a grievance. If such action yields unsatisfactory outcomes, he or she may contact Richard Gomez of the Utah State Office of Education at