Educational Records Appraisal and Management

What is a Record?

Records are recorded information, regardless of physical form. The term applies to any paper, correspondence, form, bound volume, film, magnetic medium, drawing, or other document, regardless of form or physical characteristics, that has been created or received by any state agency during the course of business. All records are required to be maintained and disposed of by state agencies in accordance with the provisions of the Utah State Legislature's Utah Code Title 63G-2-604: Retention and Disposition of Records.

Title 63G-2-301: Public Records

Title 63G-2-302: Private Records

Title 63G-2-304: Controlled Records

Title 63G-2-305: Protected Records

Title 46-4-301: Retention of Electronic Records
The retention periods listed cover both hard copy and electronic records.

Note: Non-Records: Drafts, rough notes; extra copies; no legal, administrative, fiscal, or historical value.

What is Record Appraisal?

A record appraisal determines the value of that record. For example, some records have long-term historical value. Whereas, drafts of a travel document may have only short-term value.

What is a Retention Schedule?

A record schedule is the minimum amount of time required for the maintaining of a particular record.


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