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A Data Manager is an individual designated by a Local Education Agency (LEA) to fulfill the duties described in the Utah State Legislature's Title 53E-09-308: Sharing student data. Prohibition. Requirements for student data manager. Authorized student data sharing. Namely, they authorize and manage the sharing of student data, act as a local point of contact with the state, and fulfill other duties as defined in their local data governance plan

The following table describes what data managers need to complete and send to the Utah State Board of Education by October 1 of each year.

Notes for 2020 - 2021 Compliance Check

Rechecking evidence that received a Pass last year. Since there were no substantive changes in requirements for the notices and policies, LEAs that received a Pass on last year’s check will only be asked to resubmit the URL where the evidence can be found on the LEA website. If substantive changes were made to the document, the LEA may request a recheck. LEAs that did not receive a Pass on an element will be checked for content.

No Metadata Dictionary check. The metadata dictionary will not be checked during the 2020-2021 school year to allow the Utah State Board of Education and schools time to adjust to changes in R277-487 related to allowable methods to meet the requirement.

Inclusion of two Center for Internet Security (CIS) controls. R277-487-3(1)(g) requires LEAs to share evidence that they have implemented a cybersecurity framework. For this year, we are requesting that LEAs will describe to what degree they have adopted CIS subcontrol 13.1 (classification of sensitive information) and CIS subcontrol 14.4 (encryption of sensitive information in transit). We will be reviewing these to understand the baseline of adoption; therefore, if you have not completed these yet, you may indicate as such without penalty.

Evidence collection. Evidence will again be collected via Qualtrics survey. The link to this survey will be included in the Student Data Privacy Newsletter and sent directly to data managers via email.

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1. Name and Contact Information of the LEAs Data Manager(s)

Not Applicable

2. Name and Contact Information of the LEAs Information Security Officer

 Not Applicable

3. Copy Internet Link of your Annual Notification of Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Rights

4. Copy Internet Link of your Directory Information Notice

34 CFR 99.37: What Conditions Apply to Disclosing Directory Information?
Cornell Law School Legal Information Institute (LII)

6. Copy Internet Link to your Data Governance Plan

Title 53E-9-301(6): Definitions.
Utah State Legislature

7. Copy Internet Link Showing that your Metadata Dictionary is Available on your LEA Website

8. Respond to Questions Regarding Adoption of Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls