Professional Learning and Convenings for School Leaders


The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) provides various professional learning and convening opportunities for school leaders based on feedback from the field. Please see the following current offerings.

School Leadership Development Community of Practice 2022-2023

The School Leadership Development Community of Practice series for 2022-2023 was developed from the feedback we received from leaders regarding topics of interest and need. Sessions are held via Zoom. If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Colledge

School Leadership Development Community of Practice: 2022-2023 Sessions

The Principal Partnership Networks

The Utah Principal Partnership Networks (PPNs) are a set of voluntary communities of practice for district principals, district assistant principals, charter school directors, and assistant charter school directors that provide opportunities for school leaders to examine problems of practice with their peers and work through cycles of continuous improvement.

The PPNs are supportive spaces for school leaders to share resources and ideas, explore and question their understandings, solve challenges, and form common commitments for action and improvement. The group discussions focus on practical cases drawn from school leaders’ work and will be organized around clear agendas and protocols. For more information, please contact Quinn Kellis.


Evaluation for Effective Teaching and Learning (Rater-Certification) Course 2022-2023
Started in Massively Integrated Data Analytics System (MIDAS)

  • An online, blended learning course designed to help new evaluators understand teacher evaluation in Utah and become rater-certified in the Utah Model Evaluation Program. For more information, please contact Rachel Colledge.