In 2019, the Utah State Legislature created the School Safety Data Analyst position, funded through House Bill (H.B.) 120 Student and School Safety Assessment, to collect and analyze multiple data elements for school safety. The School Safety Data page was recently added to the website to create transparency and ease of access to the data that is used to inform policy and guidelines that keep our students, teachers, school staff, and administrators safe.

School Climate Survey

The Utah State Board of Education (USBE), in accordance with R277-623-3, created the 2021 School Climate Survey to measure and assess stakeholder perceptions of school environments throughout Utah in all K-12 public schools. The student survey was administered by Local Education Agencies (LEAs) in schools between March 17 and May 7, 2021. The survey was administered in the classroom by a teacher or aide. Respondent groups included students (grouped by grades), administrators, teachers, staff, parents, and School Resource Officers (SROs).

Questions for 2021

R277-623: School Climate Survey
Utah State Board of Education Administrative Rules

School Climate Survey Adults

School Climate Survey Student Grade K-2

School Climate Survey Student Grade 3-5

School Climate Survey Student Grade 6-12

Results from 2021

2021 Utah School Climate Survey Public Dashboard

School Safety Survey

The School Safety Survey is administered annually to building administrators, through Qualtrics, in the Spring of each year. This is an optional survey used to guide state-wide priorities, policy changes, and inform stakeholders on current activities regarding school safety.

The School Safety Survey is the current method of gathering state-wide data on the implementation of best-practices, challenges, programs being used, innovations, and current issues in school safety. The topics include (but are not limited to) building security, law enforcement partnerships, school-based mental health efforts, student threat assessment, and prevention programs.

USBE School Safety 2020 Data Statistics

SafeUT Data

The SafeUT application operates 24/7 and allows individuals in crisis to connect instantly with a masters-level counselor through chat or phone call. An individual can also submit a tip through the SafeUT application if they are concerned about another student or a possible threat to their school. The SafeUT program is funded through the Utah State Legislature, and the services are provided by the Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI) at the University of Utah.

The SafeUT annual report contains data collected through July 1-June 30. Data points include: enrollment numbers of SafeUT, the total number of chats and tips received, including further categorical breakdowns, the number of life-saving interventions, research initiatives, and additional information on SafeUT National Guard (SafeUTNG) and SafeUT Frontline, SafeUT expansion applications.

Fiscal Year 2020-2021 SafeUT Annual Report


April 2020 Spring Student Data Privacy Conference

Note: School Safety and Privacy training begins at 37:13.