School-based Mental Health Screening Program (SBMHSP)



The School-based Mental Health Screening Program for Local Education Agencies (LEAs) was created in accordance with the following regulations:

During the 2020 Legislative Session, H.B. 323 was sponsored by Representative Steve Eliason and Senator Ann Millner. This bill sets standards for participating LEAs to implement approved School-based Mental Health Screening Programs for students. An Notification of Intent is required for all LEAs who are conducting mental health screenings in any form.

Notice of Intent

Notification of Intent to Utilize Mental Health Screeners

Due May 28, 2021


Mental health screener or screener means systematic tool or process;

  1. to identify if a student is experiencing, or is at risk of experiencing, issues related to the student’s mental health;
  2. for an early identification strategy to detect the onset of mental health conditions, enabling the mental health conditions to be potentially addressed; and
  3. that is not:
    1. a diagnostic tool or process; or
    2. a system or process used by a student’s teacher to observe behavior for the purpose of targeted learning interventions.


Michelle Knight
Utah State Board of Education
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Scott Eyre
Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health (DSAMH)
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Tina Morandy
Executive Secretary
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