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The Utah State Board of Education invites public education stakeholders and members of the public to review rules being considered by the Board and provide recommendations for changes to the Board rules. You may provide feedback and recommendations verbally by attending one of the Board's standing committee meetings or by sending written recommendations and feedback to You may also contact members of Utah State Board of Education directly with concerns.

Utah State Bulletin

2019 Published Utah State Board of Education Administrative Rules

Utah Office of Administrative Rules

Number 2019-16
August 15

Number 2019-15
August 1

Number 2019-14
July 15

Number 2019-13
July 1

Number 2019-12
June 15

Number 2019-11
June 1

Number 2019-10
May 15

Number 2019-9
May 1

Number 2019-8
April 15

Number 2019-7
April 1

Number 2019-6
March 15

Number 2019-5
March 1

Number 2019-4
February 15

Number 2019-3
February 1

Number 2019-2
January 15

Number 2019-1
January 1