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The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) collects and evaluates education data. The Data and Statistics section is primarily responsible for data quality and analyzing data related to education in Utah. The section supports the Board's strategic plan for excellence for each student by reviewing and auditing the states data collection, and compiles and analyzes a wide variety of information about schools, student progress, graduation rates, school districts, and other useful statistics and reports on the condition of Utah's education.

Data and Statistics Programs

Below is a list of programs that the section manages.


(for data quality - accuracy, consistency, etc.): UTREX data submissions, Data Warehouse tables, accountability indicators (GUS, PACE, SFAR, UGG/ROGL, etc.) used in all required and ad hoc reporting about students


Maintenance of school directory and program participation tables used by all agency software applications. NOTE: directory data is prerequisite to all other EDFacts file submissions

Data Gateway

Data analysis tools and training (for LEAs); data dissemination via interactive statistical reports (for public); data collection via surveys (from LEAs)

Data governance

Leadership and staffing of state student data Policy, Governance, and Users advisory groups; guidance and technical assistance to LEAs implementing local data governance; leadership and training of internal Data Stewards Group

Data liason

Federal statistical agencies (e.g., NCES), interstate cooperatives (e.g., CCSSO/EIMAC), state agencies (e.g., DWS) and initiatives (e.g., intergenerational Poverty, etc.), community organizations (e.g., United Way), and academic units (e.g.k UEPC)


EDFacts File Specifications
Reporting of educational statistics to federal government

Graduation and dropout rates

Operational definition, calculation and publishing of: (1) cohort graduation rate (2) cohort dropout rate (3) single year (event) dropout rate (4) GUS-defined graduation rate indicator (5) 9th grade proxy rate for Dropout Recovery program (6) federal Office of Special Education (OSEP)-defined graduation rate (7) OSEP-defined dropout rate

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