License Area of Concentration

License Area of Concentration designate what grade level(s) you are qualified to teach in Utah. As an educator with a current license, you may attach the following additional License Areas to your Utah Educator License, if you meet the eligibility requirements for each area. Please complete the requirements prior to submitting an application packet.

Application for Adding a Secondary (6-12) License Area to an Existing Career and Technical Education (CTE) License Area

If adding other areas of concentration to an existing Utah Educator License through an accredited in-state university education program (i.e. Administrative, School Counselor, etc.), please follow these steps.

  1. Verify your existing Utah Educator License is current. 
  2. Consult with the University Education Department to verify all requirements have been completed.
  3. If complete, obtain a written University Recommendation with appropriate department head signatures. This Utah State Board of Education application is only available to the University Education Department.
  4. Submit the University Recommendation to Utah State Board of Education for processing.

If you completed an education program for additional license areas at an out-of-state college/university, you must:

  • Earn the appropriate licensure from the state where the college/university is located.
  • Pass the appropriate content knowledge test that Utah requires for the license area. For a list of tests for Utah review the Utah State Licensure Test Requirements.
  • Complete any additional Utah requirements (i.e. internships, etc.) based on the area of concentration.
  • Follow the steps to submit an Out-of-State (OOS) License Application to Utah State Board of Education for review.