Grant Programs

Title IIA: Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting Fund

Purpose and Description

The purpose of the program is to increase academic achievement by improving teacher and principal quality. This program is carried out by:

  • increasing the number of highly qualified teachers in classrooms,
  • increasing the number of highly qualified principals and assistant principals in schools, and
  • increasing the effectiveness of teachers and principals by holding Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and schools accountable for improvements in student academic achievement.


Improving Teacher Quality State Grants | Improving Teacher Quality State Grants: A Non-Regulatory Guidance
United States Department of Education

Title IIA LEA Allocation Fiscal Year 2021 (School Year 2020-2021)

Mathematics/Science Opportunities for Students and Teachers (MOST) Formerly Utah Science Technology and Research (USTAR)

Purpose and Description

The purpose of the Mathematics/Science Opportunities for Students and Teachers (MOST) Program is to provide financial incentive for Local Education Agency (LEA) governing boards to adopt programs in respective LEAs that result in more efficient use of human resources and capital facilities. The intended benefits of the program include:

  • Increased opportunities for supporting math and science teachers in their instructional delivery as it pertains to student learning outcomes;
  • Increased compensation for math and science teachers by providing opportunities for an expanded contract year which will enhance LEAs ability to attract and retain talented and highly qualified math and science teachers;
  • Increased capacity of school buildings by using buildings more hours of the day or more days of the year, resulting in reduced capital facilities costs;
  • Decreased class sizes created by expanding the number of instructional opportunities in a year;
  • Opportunities for earlier high school graduation;
  • Improved student college preparation;
  • Increased opportunities to offer additional remedial and advanced courses in math and science; and
  • Opportunities to coordinate high school and post-secondary math and science education.

Application Information and Materials

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