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One of the most pressing challenges schools face is that of ensuring that all children become competent readers. Young children who experience problems in reading quickly fall behind their more skilled classmates. This gap in reading skills can emerge as early as first grade, and proves to be pervasive over time. The long-term negative impact of poor reading skills can be enormous.

Partners in Dyad Reading is designed to be used in one-on-one tutoring with adult volunteers or paraprofessionals as reading practice, not intervention. Lessons enhance classroom instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. Students benefit from increased reading time, targeted practice, and a rewarding reading experience.

The purpose of the Tutoring Program is to provide students with additional reading practice. The program is aligned with the Utah Core Standards, research-based practices, and classroom instruction. Current research indicates that a structured tutoring program can provide achievement gains for students needing extra reading practice and instruction beyond what they receive in their regular classroom.

Students should not be pulled from grade level reading programs. The tutoring should be in addition to regular classroom instruction with tutors that can support students with fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Training Materials

Partners in Dyad Reading Manual

Building Readers: A Parent's Guide
Formentar La Lectura: Una Guía para Padres (Spanish)

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Fluency Timing

Tutors are encouraged to use the books they are currently reading with the students to time fluency. The tutor models fluent reading of the sentences in the new book and the student is timed for one minute as they reread the same sentences using expression, accuracy, rate, and smoothness.

The Total Words read Correct per Minute (WCPM) can be calculated by counting up the total number of words read during that minute minus the number of mistakes. The WCPM are then recorded on the Fluency Record Sheets.

Fluency Record Sheets

Oral Reading Words Per Minute 10 WCPM to 56 WCPM

Oral Reading Words Per Minute 40 WCPM to 86 WCPM

Oral Reading Words Per Minute 60 WCPM to 106 WCPM

Oral Reading Words Per Minute 80 WCPM to 126 WCPM

Oral Reading Words Per Minute 120 WCPM to 166 WCPM

Next Steps Word Study

Some components of the University or Utah Reading Clinic (UURC) Next Steps program are included and referenced as part of the Literacy Supplemental section of the Lesson Plan.

Next Steps Materials

Reading Passages

Movin' On Up Passages

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