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ACTE Policy and Advocacy Publications
ACTE offers a variety of research and publication resources for career and technical education professionals and their students.

National Career Pathways Network (NCPN)
NCPN is a membership organization for educators and employers involved in the advancement of Career Pathways, Tech Prep, and related education reform initiatives. NCPN assists its members in planning, implementing, evaluating, and improving secondary and post -secondary transition programs by pooling the resources of the country's leading practitioners to provide a network of communication for new and existing programs.

Utah Majors Guide
Provides information on the majors and degrees offered at each public college and university in Utah, including how to prepare to be admitted to a field of study, who to contact for specific questions, and what classes are required to complete a degree. Please note that most four-year universities encourage students to spend their first two years taking general education courses; concentration on major courses typically occurs in the junior and senior years. Therefore, you may pursue almost any career path or discipline of study that requires a four-year degree by beginning at either a two-year community college or a four-year university.