Financial Literacy

Course Description

Levels: Grades 11-12 
Units of Credit: 0.50
Core Code:
Prerequisite: None

The General Financial Literacy (GFL) course for juniors and seniors encompasses standards that are essential to the development of basic financial literacy. Students will gain the information and skills to implement a life-long plan for financial success.

Strands and Standards

New to Old Comparison


General Financial Literacy Endorsement

The General Financial Literacy Endorsement attaches to a Secondary or CTE License. Submit completed application, fee, official transcripts and any other documentation to:

Utah State Board of Education
Educator Licensing
250 East 500 South
PO Box 144200
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-4200


Finance in the Classroom (FITC)
The FITC program brings parents, teachers and community together to provide a strong financial education program for Utah students. FITC encourages skilled teaching in the classroom supported by additional activities at home and in the community. Student learning is promoted through fun, yet sound lessons resulting in student recognition through the Passport program.

For more information, contact:

Brandon Jacobson
Specialist, General Financial Literacy
Phone:  (801) 538-7946 | E-mail