Bylaws and Board Resolutions


Bylaws of the Utah State Board of Education

Board Resolutions


Board Resolution 2017-3
Student Data Policy Advisory Group (SDPAG)

Board Resolution 2017-2
Student Data User Advisory Group (SDUAG)

Board Resolution 2017-1
Student Data Governance Advisory Group (SDGAG)


Board Resolution 2016-5
Principles for a New Accountability System

Board Resolution 2016-4
Trust Advisory Committee (TAC)

Board Resolution 2016-03
Utah Special Education Advisory Panel (USEAP)

Board Resolution 2016-2
Assessment and Accountability Policy Advisory Committee (AAPAC)

Board Resolution 2016-1
Advisory Committee on Equity of Educational Services for Students (ACEESS)


Board Resolution 2015-2
Regarding an Amendment to the Utah Enabling Act Allowing Utah to Set the Distribution Policy for its Permanent State School Fund

Board Resolution 2015-1
A Resolution Calling for Legislation Preserving Utah's Educational State Sovereignty by Amending the Federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Board Resolution 2014-02
Federal Land Management Policy

Federal Land Letter

Board Resolution 2014-01
Local Control of Curriculum