Lisa Cummins


1st term, elected in 2016

Lisa Cummins and her husband, Don, are the honored parents to five children, two of whom have graduated. They have lived in Utah for 22 years, with 11 years at their current home. As her children have attended public, charter, and home schools, she has experienced the pros and cons of all three and is excited to bring that diverse perspective to the board.

Lisa has attended BYU-I, co-owned and operated a small business, been an Ambassador for the F.I.R.S.T. Foundation. Since 2010 she has been actively researching education issues, meeting with political leadership to enact positive changes, and working with parents to keep them informed.

Though born in Canada, Lisa grew up in the United States and obtained her Naturalization Citizenship in 2009. She has been civically active in her community ever since, including serving as Senate Chair for District 13 at the Salt Lake County Republican Party. She has been a loud proponent for parental authority, local control at the district and classroom level, and standing against federal intrusion at all levels.

Lisa Cummins
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