Laurieann Thorpe


1st term, appointed in 2020

Laurieann Thorpe is the Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Utah and an advocate for children and families. At Prevent Child Abuse Utah, Laurieann oversees all management aspects of the successful nonprofit and administers programs that strengthen families and empower children. Prior to her work at Prevent Child Abuse Utah, Laurieann worked for the Utah State Board of Education in Dispute Resolution for students with disabilities, oversaw educational programs for students in foster care and juvenile justice, and founded a nonprofit to support Utah foster families.

Laurieann has a successful track record of advocating for and implementing change to help support at-risk families and children. She is interested in strengthening at-risk students and families through educational services, trauma-informed classrooms, inclusion, protective factors, and social and emotional learning. Laurieann was a foster parent and successfully advocated for an increase in foster rates and family-friendly policies for families in the state. She has seen firsthand the impact of trauma and disability on learning.

Laurieann has a Master's Degree in Public Administration, a Bachelor's in Human Development and Family Studies, three cute kids, a very tall husband, and a crush on good books.

Laurieann Thorpe
West Valley City
Phone: (801) 908-0368 |