As a parent you are the most important person in the life of your child and have the role as the primary care giver. As such, your influence is very important in keeping your child safe and drug-free. It has been one of the goals of the Prevention Dimensions Program, to supplement and support what the parents are doing at home in regard to prevention activities. This web site is hopefully and avenue in which we can make available to parents the information about Prevention Dimensions. It is our hope that this information will be helpful to you in supporting your role as a parent. Besides the information provided regarding Prevention Dimensions the additional links will lead you to other resources which will offer suggestions and ideas regarding the role of the parent in prevention efforts.

One of the goals in the future for this web site will be providing ongoing and updated information to parents about the trends in violence and substance abuse prevention and suggestions of what the research shows works in creating safe, caring environments for kids. Plan on visiting it often to stay informed.