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Mind Over Matter

The Utah State Office of Education (USOE), Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Utah Highway Safety joined efforts in creating a project which would educate students and parents about the dangers of underage drinking. A committee was organized to discuss this issue and the Mind Over Matter project is the end result.

This project is a CD with two new songs and 5 additional songs from Utah's Prevention Dimensions resource materials. The CD cover was put together specifically to provide information to the students and the parents. It is the committee's hope that parents and students will sit together and listen to the songs and discuss the questions associated with them.

The latest brain information shows that alcohol impacts the developing brain of a child a whole lot more than it does an adult. This project emphasizes this. There is an accompanying lesson which the 4th grade teacher teaches prior to sending the CD and packet home with the student. Through the music and discussion between parents and children important concepts will be reinforced which will have a positive impact on the choices of our young people in regards to underage drinking.

If you are a Utah teacher and would like to obtain a copy contact your local Safe and Drug-free School and Prevention Specialist, all others should contact somethinggoodinc.