4th Grade Lessons

The following lessons are included in the 4th grade curriculum. 

Each lesson supports the Utah State office of Education Health core objectives, Character Education traits and Risk/Protective Factors.

To obtain a copy of the curriculum, contact your local Safe and Drug Free Schools or Prevention Specialist.

Lesson Titles

  1. All About Me
  2. Personal Strengths and Talents
  3. Diversity
  4. I’m a Special Kid
  5. Who Makes the Decision?
  6. Managing Stress
  7. Positive Role Models
  8. You and the World of Drugs
  9. Identifying Peer Pressure
  10. Decide Now
  11. Tobacco on Trial: Tobacco Effects
  12. Tobacco on Trial: The Media
  13. Tobacco on Trial: Decision Making
  14. Tobacco on Trial: Refusal Skills®
  15. Tobacco on Trial: Goal Setting and Wrap-Up

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