1st Grade Lessons

The following lessons are included in the 1st grade curriculum.

Each lesson supports the Utah State office of Education (USOE) Health core objectives, Character Education traits and Risk/Protective Factors.

To obtain a copy of the curriculum, contact your local Safe and Drug Free Schools or Prevention Specialist.

Lesson Titles

  1. One of a Kind–Physical Characteristics
  2. One of a Kind–“I Can”
  3. Identifying Our Feelings
  4. Expressing Feelings
  5. Making and Keeping Friends
  6. Helping Others
  7. Classroom Courtesy, Keeping the Rules
  8. Healthy and Unhealthy Behaviors
  9. Household Substances and Medicines
  10. Helpful Adults
  11. Stress
  12. Friends and Peer Pressure
  13. What Does Respect Mean?

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